Make money with Arduino?

Robotics is a dreamy field. Inventing the future armor of iron man or even making more reasonable projects that we can use in our everyday life through the spirit of an inventor.

Robotics is a world full of promise and gives us the power to remove problems with new solutions.

It may sound complicated, and we think that we have to study for a long time and that we need significant finances to make it happen.

If you wanted to realize a robotic project in order to commercialize it, you needed electronic components, tools, hardware, software, collaborators, means of production, money and therefore investors that only a company can afford.

This is why we are entitled to wonder if this dream is accessible or if it is too big?

But when we want to succeed, we can not give up.

I just want to make my own robotic projects. I will do a project every week. I have butterflies in my stomach.

Today with any computer, and just an Arduino board and components like sensors and actuators you can realize promising robotic projects.

And thanks to the internet, you can make your invention known and start selling it on a crowdfunding platform.

Among the best known are Kickstarter and Indiegogo

If you have a good product idea and a prototype, just make a great sales video to raise funds by putting your product in pre-sale to a community of new technology enthusiasts present on this website.

Kickstarter allows you to make your product visible in exchange for 5%.

Some manage to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and others millions of dollars. However it is not so simple. The success rate is 36%. And three quarters of those who fail get less than 20%. The least we can say is that either it really likes or not at all.

After your kickstarter campaign, you will have the funds to start the production and this will have allowed you to make yourself known.

As you are a small team and perhaps still alone, you do not need to get a lot of customers to make your business viable.

We can see successful campaigns and yet the concept is simple. The key is that he still responds to a real need. The testimonies of those who have launched projects are numerous. There are also many who fail, which is why you need to know the key points that will make your project a success.

These successes are not due to mysterious reasons, they are simply logical. For you summary a few keys, I will tell you first of all that a video of sale must respect some codes like:

  • Story telling or the art of telling the story of your project,
  • Copywriting or the art of persuading that your product is the right one. (with content that appeals to emotions, visualization and to your 5 senses)
  • Your sales video must be so understandable that even if you do not listen to, the visual will be enough to understand everything.
  • The proof of authority that must show your mastery of the subject
  • Highlighting the benefits of your product. This is a very important point.
  • Be present on social networks several months if possible before your launch. (This is the social proof)
  • Preparing for the launch of your kickstarter campaign. By retrieving emails from interested people that you got via social networks and / or your website. And this to warn them that your campaign will be launched.
  • Indeed Kickstarter highlights projects that have funding coming in the early days.
  • Contact bloggers, influencers and media in your industry to help you market your product.
  • And of course having MOTIVATION and PATIENCE. So choose a project that you like to stay on course, knowing that you will not be rewarded until you finalize your campaign.

Maybe you have no idea, in this case there are methods to find an idea or at least to identify if an idea is good. The first question is whether your product meets a need and therefore solves a problem that is important to you. And if you would buy it for yourself to solve the problem.

the goal of this Youtube channel is to learn to invent a product but also to sell them. We will learn to realize projects by taming the use of electronic parts and by carrying out more elaborate projects. Projects aiming at entertainment or to facilitate our lives, but also in the purpose of inventing a product to market.

If you are interested then do not hesitate to let me know in comment and stay informed by subscribing to the channel. And feel free to share the video with your friends who might be interested.

If you also want to create a new product with Arduino and market it, I have created for you a free 7-day email training that explains how to do it.


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